I’ve Got COVID

If you have been diagnosed with Coronavirus / Covid19 please call your GP for medical advice regarding managing symptoms, etc.  Local GP numbers can be found on the Local Services page

If you are isolating and require support (need shopping done, are feeling isolated/anxious or anything else) feel free to call the Neighbourhood Care Network on 6655 1121

You can also refer to the Support Available page on this website, where there are organisations we have listed that offer specific support you may wish to contact.  That page also provides a link to register for the Neighbourhood Care Network.

We encourage you to join the Neighbourhood Care Network to get support from your community (we have over 100 champions registered across the Shire that are gearing areas up to support one another through this pandemic).  When you are recovered from Coronavirus, you may be in a position to then help those that have helped you, and this network will enable you to do that too if you wish.


Additional general information about COVID19 / Coronavirus and advice if you have it

Australian Government
Department of Health

Bellingen Shire photo - field with double rainbow, Bellingen Shire Connections Centre - I've got Coronavirus / COVID

Phone: 02 6655 1121 

or contact the Resilience team at: resilience@bellingen.nsw.gov.au   

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Our core objective is to support our community through this.
The Bellingen Shire Connects website brings together, in a coordinated manner, all the information, activities and support provisions of the Pandemic Response Group. It is maintained by the Connections Centre (the central coordination team of the Pandemic Response Group).

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